'Nothing but talk' is a series of multimedia presentations (talks) offered at Scuola Superiore level with the aim of stimulating and developing students' interest in the topics proposed.
  The presentations are essentially an extension of the teacher's work in the classroom, and are designed to provide the students with a positive experience in following a live unscripted spoken discourse on a topic with relevance to their studies.
  Points in the presentations are illustrated with photographs, charts, maps, songs, film and text.
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2023 - 2024

JOYCE: This presentation looks at Joyce's four major works and puts them into perspective.
BECKETT: Language and philosophy in 'Waiting for Godot'
IRELAND: History, culture, language, sport in Ireland up to the division in 1922.
TROUBLES: History of Northern Ireland from 1922 to today.
CATCHER: A look at the controversial Holden and the enigmatic Mr Salinger.
GATSBY: This presentation puts Gatsby into his historical and literary context.
FRANKENSTEIN: An investigation into the major themes and concerns in this Gothic, Romantic, Science Fiction classic.
CRUSOE: A look at the background and significance of this historic work.
DRACULA: Intriguing insights into Stoker's powerful gothic classic.
1984: Has 1984 passed, or are we living it now, or has it yet to come?
WILDE: An exploration of Wilde's world with reference to The Picture of Dorian Gray.
WW1: British culture and the The Great War of 1914-1918.
MOONSHOT: The Cold War and the Apollo Lunar Landing of 1969.


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James Joyce

The Magic of Language

Joseph Quinn

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